Free Sissy Lesson: Oral Training With Toys

Open wide, sissy. Are you a sissy who takes “You cocksucker!” as a compliment? Or are you a sissy with a virgin mouth who needs cocksucker training to reach your full faggot potential? This article is for all the cum-hungering sissies who beg me for instructions to train themselves to suck dick. Read, learn, and practice, darlings!

For the sissy who wants to be the best cocksucker possible, and who hasn’t yet worshipped a real cock, I strongly recommend oral training with dildos. Following the training method I outline below will retrain your libido toward the submissiveness of kneeling to suck cock. You will learn to associate sexual pleasure with having your mouth full of cock. The more fully you future fag cumdumpsters can condition yourself to gain pleasure from having your mouth used, the closer to being a TRUE sissy you will be. All the toys suggested below can be found at Eden Fantasys, my favorite sex toy store.

Materials Needed For Cocksucking Practice:

  • A full-length mirror is best, but any hard surface will do
  • A realistic-looking dildo with a suction-cup base
  • Your knees on the floor
  • Your mouth ready for oral service

How To Practice Sucking With Your Dildo

You should begin your oral training by making a habit of sucking on your dildo whenever you jerk off — unless you are in chastity, of course! Use the suction cup on your dildo to stick it to a hard surface…the wall, a mirror, or the edge of a coffee table are all good options, but the important thing is to be on your knees while you suck and jerk. If you consistently suck while experiencing pleasure and orgasm, you will begin to associate it with sucking servitude.

To help you understand that your place is as a submissive slut, giving pleasure without reward, you may NOT cum until you have sucked your dildo for a minimum of ten minutes. Set a timer so that you can lose yourself in your sucking. You are permitted to stroke your clit through your panties, but do not stroke to cum until the timer goes off! You should NEVER be concerned about your own orgasm while sucking cock — you should be focused on HIM. Many sissies find that they can cum without stimulation, just from the experience of cocksucking. If this happens before your ten minutes are up, enjoy your cummie, cocksucker — you earned it!

After your timer goes off, you may jerk till you spurt, but you must keep sucking your dildo while you do. Pleasure is a powerful motivator, and it allows me to rewrite your brain via this training through positive reinforcement. As you worship your dildo and masturbate your clit, allow your fantasies to run wild, concentrating on how much you feel like a dirty cocksucking whore. The repeated experience of orgasm while you kneel with a cock in your mouth will addict you to the pleasures of oral cockworship…train this way long enough, and you will become consumed by the need to go out and find real cock…which is just what I want for all my sissies!

Toy Recommendations For Oral Training

Check out my hand-picked selections for all my sissies to suck and train with…all these toys have a suction-cup base, so that you can attach them to a hard surface for oral worship or to hop on and ride!

Thick dildo made of soft Jel-Lee material with suction cup baseDoc Johnson pornstar replica dildo, made from soft flesh-colored soft cyberskin material with suction cup.Suction cup realistic dildo made of rubberRealistic looking and feeling dildoSix inches realistic dildoEight inches long and slim, this dildo is molded directly from Marc's erect penis.8" translucent jelly dong with balls and suction cup base.8 inch realistic dildo with balls and suction cup.

Shop for toys for all your sissy needs @ Eden Fantasys

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You're Gonna Be SO HUMILIATED, you little-dicked cum-slurping loser.

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