Free Sissy Lesson: CrossDressing Tips

Are you new to crossdressing and need advice on how to transform yourself? Or maybe you’ve been dressing in a haphazard way for many years and are now ready to take your look to the next level — worry not, sweet sissy! Ma’am is here with advice and help.

While reading over these tips on crossdressing, transformation, and makeover advice for transvestite sissies, think about your own crossdressing habits. What kind of a sissy are you? For sissies that have to hide their female side entirely, your options are more limited than those for a sissy that is living a 24/7 feminized lifestyle. For Secret Sissies, while you may not be able to shave your legs or wear feminine clothes at all times, you still owe it to yourself to make yourself up as fully as possible — only then will you truly experience your sissy side! Read through the tips below and try them out during your next private “makeover session!”

Tucking Back Your Clitty

For outfits that reveal your clitty-bulge, you can employ a few different techniques to hide your fruit and nuts. The most simple involves tucking your clitty and testicles firmly back between your legs and then closing them tightly while you pull up a snug-fitting pair of panties, control-top pantyhose, or a girdle. You can opt to place a very thin pantiliner or ultrathin maxipad in the crotch to smooth out any lumps. For more details, read the Tucking Procedure linked here. Another technique is to tuck and then tape — you can find more details about taping here.

The third method involves wearing a gaff, a tight-fitting device designed to hold your package back. You can buy a pre-made gaff or make one of your own out of an old pair of pantyhose.

Body Hair Removal And Disguise

If possible, you should shave your privates, if you do nothing else — few things are sadder than a sissy with a 70’s pornstar bush around her clitty! Proper genital shaving should be done with a brand new womens’ razor (yes, the pink ones!), water as hot as you can stand, and shaving cream designed for naughty bits. Look next to the womens’ razors for this when you shop. First, use an exfoliation scrub over the areas you plan to shave; shave carefully with a new razor; and then exfoliate the shaven areas again — this will prevent the dreaded razor rash bumpies.

As for your hairy legs, follow the same routine of exfoliating, shaving, and then exfoliating again. You can optionally rub some bath oil onto your legs before applying the shaving cream, and it will keep your skin safe from scrapes and rashiness. If shaving isn’t possible, you can camouflage the hair by wearing a few layers of tights and pantyhose. For hairy arms, long sleeves will work wonders, as well as a high-necked blouse if you have a gorilla-like mat of chest hair.

Of course, the serious sissy who is keen on looking as feminine as possible will have her arms, chest (and back, if you’re that furry) waxed to be smooth and clean!

Using Makeup for Beard Coverage

All I have to say here is: DERMABLEND. If you can’t find or buy Dermablend foundation, look for a color that matches your skintone, shave your face as closely as possible (exfoliation will help here too, clearing off the dead skin and letting your razor get as close to the root as possible), and then layer on the foundation with a trowel. Don’t worry about looking trampy, sweetie-pie — you ARE a tramp, so rock that slut look and go heavy on the makeup!

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