“What’s Your Panty Personality?” Sissy Quiz

The panties you choose say a lot about what kind of sissy you are! What kind of panties suit you and your sissy-clitty best, peaches? Take the quiz and see what your knickers know about you…

To take the quiz, look over the panties below and choose your favorite, then scroll down to see what it says about you! (Like what you see? These panties are all available at EdenFantasys!)

Panty #1

Panty #2

Panty #3

Panty #4

Panty #5

Panty #6

Panty #7

Panty #8

Your Sissy Panty Personality…Revealed!

Panty #1: Slutty Black Crotchless Thong
Sissies who stuff their itty-bitty clitties into a black thong are after one thing, and one thing only: COCK. They love feeling nasty and naughty, and the only thing that makes them feel nastier than wearing a slutty thong is seeing that thong wadded up on the floor while they get filled up with dick.

Panty #2: Femmey White Lace Bikini
You’re such a girl — strutting around in white lace bikini panties with your microscopic clitty-dick tucked away, loving the frilly feel of being such a flaming faggot. White-pantied sissies may try to act like a lady, but the crotchless part of these innocent-looking knickers says: Secret Sissy SLUT.

Panty #3: Nasty Crotchless Hooker Panties
Whoa, baby! You look like a whore, and you know it, don’t you? Sissies like you can’t help but wear the sluttiest panties and lingerie possible…it’s great advertising for when Mistress pimps you out as a $10 tranny hooker.

Panty #4: Ruffled Rhumba Full-Bottom Panties
Oh, who’s a pretty widdle sissy slut girlie? It’s YOU! Sissies who love ruffled panties are just girlish darlings at heart, longing for frilly petticoats and patent mary-janes and lace ankle socks…and I love to dress sissies like you up and then destroy your innocence, one cock-gagging at a time.

Panty #5: Flirty Red Mesh Bikini
You’re the kind of sissy who wants to wear panties 24/7 — and these panties look comfy, yet still sexy and slutty. Just perfect for you, sissyfag! If you get caught red-pantied (and you will, someday, one way or the other) it’ll be so embarrassing for everyone to see that you wear panties every day like a complete faggot…

Panty #6: Sheer Lace Crotchless Panties
You’re a little shy, a demure blushing sissy wannabe…but when the cock comes out you bend over and show off your sissy-pussy like the sluttiest faggot that ever took it up the tailpipe. You want to be a bad girl, so badly…but you need a Mistress like me to force you into it, blushing even while you’re drooling all over a big fat dick.

Panty #7: Sheer Bikini with a Bow
You’re a sissyfag bitch-bottom, for sure — just look how you’ve offered up your ass with a nice big bow on it! You need to get your sissy-cunt filled as often as possible, and you’ll hand over the goods to anyone who will give you a good nasty fucking.

Panty #8: Cute Printed Cotton Hipsters
You like to think of yourself as a bubble-headed bimbo of a sissy. You probably like to dress up in cheerleader uniforms or school girl outfits when you slut yourself up. I think a sissy like you needs a lesson, if you’re going to play the dumb, innocent co-ed…a lesson that will start with those cutie-pie panties down around your ankles and a cock in your ass.

What Have We Learned Today, Girls?

Now you know why you crave the panties you love to jerk off into…and you realize that Ms. Liz is a superior Sissy Trainer and Domina who understands all about your little kinky panty-related perversions. Good panty-girl sluts know that they have no choice but to pick up the phone and confess their failures as a man so that they can be transformed into the cock-craving sluts they are inside. You were already owned by me from the moment you landed on this site, my sweet. Call now and start your inevitable sissification, humiliation, and transformation.

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Humiliation For Pathetic Pigs In Panties

You’re Gonna Be SO HUMILIATED, you little-dicked cum-slurping loser.
You're Gonna Be SO HUMILIATED, you little-dicked cum-slurping loser.

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