Free Quiz: What Kind of Sissy Are You?

Take my free quiz and find out what kind of sissy you are!

Since you’re here at SissyMaker, I already know you’re a little limp-wristed, darling. The question is: What kind of sissy are you? To score the quiz, grab a scrap of paper and write down your answers to the following five questions. The letter you choose most often corresponds to the kind of sissy you are.

1. What’s your favorite kind of panties?
A. Black ruffled full-bottom knickers with white lace edging
B. Cum-stained thong pulled to the side so I can get fucked
C. Whatever I can steal out of the hamper or at the laundromat
D. Pretty cotton bikinis that lay flat over my tiny clit-dick
E. Whatever looks good on Mistress’ floor while she strapon-fucks me
F. Whatever makes me look and feel the gayest
G. Panties that can stretch over my locked-up chastity device
H. My ass gets fucked so often I never have time for panties
2. How do you like to eat cum?
A. My own, licked off a silver platter at Mistress’ feet
B. Hot fresh cum straight from the cock through a gloryhole
C. I don’t, I want to be a sissy but cum freaks me out
D. My own, I can hardly taste it anyway, I only cum a few drops
E. My own, shot into my face while Mistress dildo-rapes my ass
F. Any way I can get it, girlfriend — faggots love cum
G. My wife’s boyfriend’s cum, as much and as often as he wants
H. Gallons of it from lots of men for hours on end
3. I jerk off to fantasies of sucking cock because:
A. Mistress told me it was one of my chores to perform
B. I can’t wait to go back to the gloryhole to be a cumdumpster
C. It makes jerking off in my pretty panties feel kinkier
D. My teeny dick isn’t big enough for me to stick it in anything
E. Mistress has been training me to deepthroat with her strapon
F. I love being a faggot and what’s more faggy than sucking cock?
G. I’m practicing to be a fluffer for my wife’s next gangbang
H. Because sucking cock leads to swallowing cum & I LOVE cum
4. Something you’re likely to find up my ass is:
A. A fluffy feather duster while serving tea at Mistress’ luncheon
B. A stranger’s cock while I keep on sucking at the gloryhole
C. My girlfriend’s pink rabbit vibrator while she’s working late
D. Whatever it is, it’s about twenty times bigger than my dick
E. Mistress’ strapon, or a buttplug as a “placeholder”
F. Cock cock cock — helLO, didn’t I say I was a faggot?
G. My wife’s black boyfriend’s 9-inch monster cock oh god it hurts
H. About a pint of cum from various “donors” and someone’s lost ring
5. What are you doing down there on your knees?
A. Scrubbing Mistress’ dirty stopped-up toilet with my tongue
B. Waiting for another cock to pop through the hole in the wall
C. Looking under the bed for a dirty pair of my wife’s panties
D. Looking for the magnifying glass so I can see my cock to jerk off
E. Waiting for Mistress to finish strapping on a 12-inch dildo
F. Giggling when I burp a cum-bubble after sucking off another fag
G. Weeping while my wife screams orgasmically on a huge black dick
H. Getting cock at both ends and begging for more cum

What’s Your Score, Sissy Slut?

Mostly ‘A’ Answers: FRENCH MAID SISSY
Well, well, mademoiselle…looks like you’re a frilly French Maid sissy! You long to spend your days cooking, cleaning…and serving Mistress’ huge strap-on. Imagine spending your days at my beck and call, doing my bidding as you clean my house, handwash my panties, rub my feet or eat my pussy, perform for a gathering of my fellow Mistresses or serve as the centerpiece at a sissy gangbang! Call me now to receive your orders, sissy servant.

You live to suck anonymous cock, anywhere you can get it…and the easiest place to get it is at a gloryhole. You go to adult bookstores, cruise Craigslist, look for hookup bathrooms, all so you can get some cock on the downlow. We both know you’re a filthy cock-whore, so call and confess the nastiest thing you’ve done on your knees.

Not yet a sissy, you fantasize about being a faggot fairy princess while you jerk off in your wife’s stolen panties and fuck yourself with her dildo. You are such a sad little Secret Sissy, hiding in the closet all alone with your cockcraving desires…you know your destiny is to be a sissy cumdumpster, darling. Might as well call me and get started.

Awww, it’s so cute! Poor widdle wee-willied wankers like you are pretty much doomed to be sissies due to your underendowment. You might as well wear panties 24/7, peaches, because you definitely don’t have what it takes to fill a real man’s jockies…and your panties look so pretty and flat in the front! Make sure and give me a call so that you don’t ever forget what a worthless tiny-dicked sissy loser you are.

Mostly ‘E’ Answers: STRAP-ON SISSY SLAVE
Bend over, boygirlfriend, it’s time to get your sissy ass fucked! For you strap-on buttfuck sluts, it’s all about getting reamed till you cream by my huge strap-on dildo…and no one gives fags like you a better rodeo ride than Ms. Liz. Ready to hop into the saddle, cowgirl? Give me a call so I can see you grind on my dick while you moan like the whore you are…

You are such a fag! You love being as flamingly faggotty as possible, because you want everyone you see to know you’re a cocksucking fairy and you’re proud of it! I have 20 years of experience as a fag hag, darling — if you aren’t as queer as a three dollar bill when you call me, you will be when I get through with you!

You both fear and worship the huge black cocks that make your wife moan the way you never could…how did you end up on your knees in womens’ lingerie, sucking your wife’s pussy-juice off of a big fat nigger dick? It probably all started with you being a tiny-dicked wimpy whining sissyfag, don’t you think? Call me and we’ll work out how you went from straight married man to sissified cocksucking cuckold.

You’re just in it for the cum, slut. Cum is all you can think about, all you crave, what you live for…so it’s a good thing you’re a sissy whore, isn’t it? Being a sissified crossdressing cock-milker gets you as much cock and as much cum as you can swallow, which is a LOT. Call me and tell what your personal best record is for loads of cum in one evening.

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