The Sissy Parade of Perversion

Posted by Ms. Liz on March 7, 2012

Just talked to a wannabe sissy who started the call with his wife’s dildo already pumping in and out of his ass, and one hand on his clitty…since it’s very rude to start playing without Mistress’s permission, I had him slap his leaking-wet clit-cock against his belly three times as punishment, and squeeze his little sissy-sack when he felt close to cumming.

Before that, yesterday, I talked to a certain conflicted sissy-fag who used to complain that he didn’t really want to suck and fuck Ma’am’s dildo, or suck Master’s cock and bend over for Him…but he seems to be changing his tune. Yesterday, he begged for it on his own, for the first time — Mistress was so proud. Being proud of him didn’t stop me from teasing his mouth with the tip of my strap-on cockhead so thoroughly that he came the moment I thrust all the way into his waiting mouth, however. Even when you bitch-bois beg so very prettily, I can’t let you forget who wears the only cock that matters: ME.

(click to enlarge the massive 60-inch ass that Sissy Chrissy sucks cock for…)

Oh, and Chrissy called me again yesterday, as well. It was hilarious — the stupid cunt tried, again, to pretend to be someone else. Like I wouldn’t recognize his faggy litle simper the second I heard it? Anyway, the bitch tried, also again, to beg and plead his way to my massive gorgeous ass without paying the price. Funny as little miss “No, my name is CHRISTOPHER!” can be, it gets tiresome having to listen to the last remaining shreds of his heterosexuality die a messy, ugly death over the phone. Bored now.

I played with him a little more and then let him go…I’m like some kind of fucked-up sport fisherman, you know? Catch and release. He knows the rules: I don’t need a man, because I already have one…but I can always use another faggot. He can lick my ass all he likes…as long as he’s sissified and sucking cock for it, ha! Whatever, let Chrissy have his little PMS mood swing. He’ll be back. He’s too addicted to my beautiful fat ass to let a little something like “not being a homo…yet” stop him.

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